Learn about the BossLogic Universe NFT Collections, greater metaverse concept and blockchain gaming developments.

Here is my step by step breakdown of the Boss Logic Universe, the VerseU fighting game, Gauntlets, Blox, Avatars, Immortals and PopHeads. All of these things are just the start of the overall BLU Metaverse which will reach out to other projects and have a wide span over the future of gaming, entertainment, online culture and the blockchain.

BossLogic Universe Logo on black
The latest BLU Metaverse logo while BossLogic shapes and evolves the brand and story.

This will be a completely independent digital ecosystem; connected to the greater blockchain metaverse; that would expand, connect and integrate with other platforms online; and was created with a rich story and complex characters.
This is the beginning and genesis of the BossLogic Universe or BLU!

What is the BLU

The BossLogic Universe is a story that will drive a gaming and entertainment movement. While starting in the metaverse, it will spill over into the mainstream culture. Heroes are being born.

See NFT Collections

So far there have been Gauntlets, Avatars, Immortals, Blox and PopHeads. There are partnerships and integrations planned with many organizations on and off the blockchain.

What is VerseU

The best fighting game ever created. It will revolutionize ESports and player owned assets. The player profiles in the game are from the story of the greater BossLogic Universe. You will need a Gauntlet and player profile to fight.


Ten Thousand Immortals

The Immortal


VerseU Fighting Game
VerseU Fighting Game Logo

BLU PopHeads

Iron Man PopHead from BossLogic Gallery

The BLU Metaverse sounds really complicated
Lets start off simple.

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