What are BLU Blox?

The BLU Blox are the companions within the Boss Logic Universe. They are your lil sidekick.

This was an airdrop to Gauntlet holders. That’s right, FREE. Every single wallet that had a gauntlet received a Blox.

The Blox collection has been sold and is being developed and managed by a group that started within the BLU discord. This will breath new life and enable the unique story and utility of the Blox. This Discord community can be found here.

You can view the BLU Blox Collection on OpenSea here:

Dark Desire Blox
Loki Blox
Doge Blox
Gundam Blox
Style Scorpion Blox
Pika Blox
Bat Blox
Toxic Blox
Iron Blox
Dark Donda BLox
Marty Mc”Blox