What is the BLU?

BossLogic Universe Logo on black

The Boss Logic Universe is a new world story with a grand vision for an all encompassing experience of fantasy. The BLU will be a metaverse hub of games, NFT collections, online experiences and social connections.

The Start of the BossLogic Universe

Boss’s vision is to create for his community a metaverse of intersecting content. Gaming, art, movies, and stories all blending and building out a shared universe. This is the start to something much larger.

This will just be the start of what Boss has been imagining for the past ten years. This metaverse will build adding different types of content over time as well as bringing in collaboration with other artist and projects. The holders of the gauntlet will get access to the metaverse even as it grows outside its original bound.

The BLU team has been underselling while working to deliver the best to the community but also to themselves. BossLogic has set upon making a dream a reality and the gauntlet holders are members of that journey.

OCT 8, 2021 source: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/RedBearKira/issues/weekly-newsletter-of-red-bear-kira-the-blu-issue-1-801633

The Evolution of the BossLogic Universe

Per the latest AMA and other information in the Discord community we can make a few confident assumptions and connections. This will be a story. A massive, expansive, wonderous place of fantasy and magic and tech and legend and lore. Looks like this is going to be big. Like… if you took a harry potter plot with characters that build and expand; with comic-book hero big picture options and awe inspiring interactions; set in it’s own universe/planets/physics with pop culture and nerd references tossed around. Charming and clever and full of authenticity. This will have fully developed characters with personalities, backstories and unique agendas. The groundwork is laid for something worth reading, exploring and immersing yourself in.

NFT Collections:

Gauntlets: The first collection within the BLU. The keys for access within the BossLogic Universe. The weapons within the fighting game of VerseU. (Released)

Blox: The companions within the BLU. They are your lil sidekick within the BossLogic Universe. They also make adorable profile pictures. To develop the storyline and IP of the Blox it has been sold to a subgroup within the BLU community. (Released)

Immortals: A collection of character profile pictures by KingsLetter in partnership with BossLogic. These will also have utility in the VerseU game as a character profile. (Limited Mint Release)

Avatars: The 11 primary characters in the BLU Storyline and the first set of player profile pictures to be released for the VerseU fighting game (Free Airdrop to Gauntlet holders)

Melody Avatar Player Profile
Melody Character Design

Popheads: A limited set of profile pictures with stylized takes on art, culture and humor. (Released to Discord Community)

PopHead Wolverine
Weapon X

Current Games:

VerseU: This will be the fighting game to lead us into the next stage of ESports and blockchain gaming. (In production)

Boss Logic VerseU Fighting Game Logo

The BLU Metaverse Breakdown:

The first set of NFTs released was the Gauntlets. These are the key to the big picture of the BossLogic Universe. They are the weapons needed in the VerseU fighting game and are the primary source of focus and utility in the collection. Anticipate them getting primary functionality and benefits within the BLU.

Blox came out as an airdrop. They are cute and have a lot of options. (In my mind this was a test of how many options you could configure and export in basic models. Kind of a challenge for BossLogic. I mean look at them… there’s sooo many options…) This collection has been broken off and sold to a group that was formed within the BLU Discord. The Blox IP will be developed as a unique universe. The Discord for the Blox can be found here.

Immortals is a separate collection with a lot of opportunity and potential. They are confirmed to be used as fighting character profiles in the VerseU game. This is super relevant because you need a player and a gauntlet. So this is half of that requirement to play the game. It’s been whispered with the WilderWorld community about being used as user profile rendered in their 3d metaverse. It’s not 100% confirmed but sharing 3d models between industry connections on the blockchain is kind of a next step. We’ve been told there’s much, much more in the works but… these things take time. More will be added when we have it.

The VerseU fighting game info will be released after the Avatars. This is a progressive build. The story is just about finished and polished. So they will progressively release story info with the characters/Avatars because those are the player profiles in the game. And you can’t have a GOOD game without a story and characters.

The PopHeads are a limited run of finalized designs from an ongoing project. From the larger collection, 69 of them were worthy of being bundled into a titled set. Instead of selling them; they were gifted to the community in segments for current holders and community members. While no utility or involvement with the game they are anticipated to be highly sought out by collectors and fans of pop culture.

Avatars are the next big thing. They are the story characters and fighting game players. Plus… if the Immortals get imported into the Wilder World then these probably will too. Right?

They will be released by free airdrop to the holders of Gauntlets in the near future. This will be at the end of the progressive release of all the characters in the larger story of the BossLogic Universe. Most likely there will be a slow drip of info for each character; so the community can dive in and build on the full BLU picture.

There are 11 characters announced. We know for sure LGX is a primary focus and human in form. The use of gauntlets will be a power source and ability. The rest of the characters have been in hiding so far.

BLU Gauntlet concept
VerseU Fighting Game

ok… so this sounds like a cool idea… but who’s this bazlajik guy anyway?!?

Jake Gyllenhaal brings up BossLogic at 1:37 and discusses his social media reach through graphic design for several minutes.

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