What is VerseU?

Boss Logic VerseU Fighting Game Logo
VerseU Logo

VerseU is a side scroll player-vs-player fighting video game in the BossLogic Universe being developed by Lineage Studios.

It will be based on the character interactions and conflict in the story of the BLU (BossLogic Universe). These characters from the mythos and lore will be the first profiles in the VerseU. The Gauntlets will be your weapons and the Avatar will be your fighter. The focus initially will be a balanced and competitive fighting game.

VerseU will be the future of blockchain gaming, ESports, owning your own game asset, having a distinct character profile for full social immersion and possibly provide play-to-earn utility.

That was a big sentence… so lets break it all down.

Blockchain Gaming:

All your gaming assets are stored as Ethereum NFTs and are owned by the user. You can log in anywhere with your wallet and play. This will become more of an arcade model where you don’t pay to buy a game, you pay for access to the game and use of any items/avatars/weapons.


The VerseU fighting game will be the MOST fun to watch. The focus on the initial development is a balanced and competitve game. Each Avatar will be unique in visual appearance and the players the have them will be recognizable. They will be the only one in-game or in the metaverse with that profile.

Blockchain games will be the next ones to break through streaming walls and enable players and viewers build communities.

Owning your own gaming asset

The Gauntlets and player Avatars will be owned by users. When you’re done or if you want to switch you can always buy or sell on the marketplace. How many have played for cumulative months of our lives only to walk away from hard earned in game assets… Now these can be bought and sold on the open market and are stored on the blockchain ledger. (You don’t own the idea or the rights for the NFT; just access within the blockchain metaverse.)

Unique character profile

More and more players want unique ways to identify themselves online. With NFT player Avatars you can own an exclusive visual profile while you’re online. VerseU will have lots of built in profiles with other collections to be added. The Ten Thousand Immortals have already earned a unique fighter profile in the game.

Play-to-earn utility

While there is ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION AT ALL THAT HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED. We can hope that most games in the future will find some sort of effective model for tracking progress and rewarding gameplay. It’s still SUPER early in the development of the game and BLU ecosystem.

With a healthy in game economy, supply and demand factors could be relevant to value in the outside world… (no details, there is a LOT to sort out with tokenomics).

This can be broken out and expanded upon a LOT. But as we do not have any details and I don’t want to give you any wrong answers I’ll let your imagination fill in the gaps.

Ok… so what about the GAME (and not the blockchain marketing hype)

The fighting game of the future.

WHAT IF…? There was a fighting game that lets you have your own unique “Avatar.” A specific character that you alone possess and was literally “one of a kind.” There might be variations of this character… but no one else could have the complete set of details yours contained.

We have been selecting character avatars in video games for years
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Character Select Screen | Street fighter, Street  fighter alpha, Street fighter game
Fighting games and player avatars
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You can still see older games on Esports tournaments.
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Ok, I get it… Every fighting game has a bunch of characters.

In VerseU there would be 11 original base models that would represent fighting styles and personas in the game; but every variation from those would be original and exclusive in that arrangement. Other character profiles could always be added later too!

VerseU Logo w LGX and Zoe

So the fighting player options in the game… are actually the character profiles for the BossLogic Universe Avatars?

YES. The game will be played with the Avatar NFT that you own. (Immortals will be the first expansion player and that collection can be used.)

So now that we’ve covered the Avatars aka Player Profiles aka BLU Characters. We go over the Gauntlets.

WHAT IF…? The weapon in the game was actually a Gauntlet… a power glove imbued with various super hero accessories, effects and random fun aspects. There were a bunch of different styles of gauntlets with properties and weapons… Each of them unique and one of a kind. This gauntlet would also be the key to the overall universe and give access to the game.

You need a Gauntlet NFT to battle (and a player profile.)

Most Likely… This fighting game would be similar to Mortal Kombat, Street fighter, Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom or Super Smash Bros. It would be side scroll and have standard combat attacks but each of them would be different based on character and weapon… Which means Avatar and Gauntlet.

Maybe… You could upgrade your profile or account to a legendary. Maybe games had a live feed globally for e-sports and professional streaming. Maybe the tournaments had a progressive ranking system with a very competitive community because they also had a large payout. Maybe you could sell your items to another player legitimately or trade them for assets from another game?

VerseU Fighting Game Info

What platform will VerseU be for?

PC is the easiest answer. A desktop application will be the first step. Next could be mobile but there’s absolutely no word. It is especially unclear if this would be available on standard consoles like Xbox or Playstation.

What do I need to play VerseU?

You’ll need a character profile (Avatar) and a Gauntlet.

What is an Avatar?

The Avatar is your fighter and character in the VerseU fighting game

What is a Gauntlet?

The Gauntlet is the weapon in the VerseU fighting game. You MUST have one to play.

But what if LOTS of people want to play at one time?

(If you do not own a Gauntlet NFT then there will be options, this has not been expanded, but it’s clear access is only granted to someone in possession of a Gauntlet. If you do not own a BLU Avatar then there may at some point be new profiles added associated with other NFT collections.)

So you say I need a Gauntlet to play?
Yes, click below \/

Click here to learn about the Gauntlets! /\

Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse Tokenomics is a new industry, with new rules and regulations; and even though the internet is global, jurisdictions and ramifications are NOT. We just do not know how a lot of the use and rights will end up outside of the blockchain and integrated metaverse.