Ten Thousand Immortals NFT Properties & Options

Here are the options for the Ten Thousand Immortals NFT Options. Current traits for the 10K Immortals on OpenSea NFT marketplace: Armor, Background, Base, Mask & Weapon

10K Immortals Armor Opions:

This is the clothing or covering of your immortal. There is everything from robes with linen to plate and scale for combat. The assortment of options is very impressive.

  • Revolution
  • Blu Warrior
  • Purple Velvet
  • Silver King
  • Cream Justice
  • Gold Feathered
  • Light
  • Battle Red King
  • Red Spider
  • Red Justice
  • Red Velvet
  • Blu Spider
  • Royal
  • Grey Justice
  • Gold King
  • Red Feathered
  • Captain
  • Jester
  • Red Samurai
  • Green Samurai
  • Red Royal
  • Black Feathered
  • Freedom
  • Legacy
  • Black Light
  • Blu Samurai
  • Gold Light
  • Blu Battle
  • Punisher
  • Blu Beast
  • Gold Royal
  • Red Light

10K Immortals Background Options:

This is the color and texture of the background behind your Immortal. They all have a unique splash of color, contour and lighting to accent each Immortal.

  • Porcelain Dark
  • Smoke
  • Concrete
  • Per Patt
  • Orn
  • Metallic
  • Broken
  • Texture Smoke

10K Immortals Base Options:

The Base is the Immortals body tone. Some show lots of surface area; others show just a few peaks around their Armor. We do not know if there is a significance about the Base trait other than rarity and count. They all appear to be elemental in nature.

  • Ice
  • Gold Eyes
  • Black Stone
  • Ore

10K Immortals Mask Options:

Masks are the face covering of the Immortal. We still do not know if they are associated with ranks or roles. Some are distinguished and some are menacing. There are several that have color variations!

  • Gold Bearded
  • Stealth
  • Black Faceless
  • Executioner
  • Red Skull
  • Venom
  • Silver Birdman
  • Prince
  • Blu Tall
  • Gold Flame
  • Black Flame
  • Ranger
  • Red Ranger
  • Blu Skull
  • Ninja
  • Triple
  • Mummy
  • Blu Prince
  • Color Skull
  • Red Tall
  • Death
  • Gold Ninja
  • Gem Brace
  • Gold Birdman
  • Red Faceless
  • Gold Panther
  • King
  • Panther
  • Turban Masked
  • Blu

10K Immortals Weapon Options:

This is the item on the back of the Immortal. There are conventional weapons and items plus a few will get wings instead!

  • Gem Staff
  • Single Persian Sword
  • Pomegranate Gold
  • Flame Staff
  • Core Sword
  • Axe
  • Double Sword
  • Arrows
  • Single Sword
  • Twin Persian Swords
  • Steel Wing
  • Gold Wing
  • Flame Blu
  • Gold Staff
  • Blu
  • Power Staff
  • Blu Staff
  • Pomegranate Blu

Legendary & Named

This will be further reviewed when we have more information. There are just a few so far on the market and we can’t wait for the rest of the combinations.