BLU Gauntlet NFT Properties

What do the BLU Gauntlet properties do?

There are lots of combinations, traits and properties that make each BLU Gauntlet NFT truly unique…

I’ve broken this down into 5 sections that build in concepts. We start with colors and fingers; add super powers and elemental effects; include a weapon or sign; and last we cover unique traits that don’t fall in with the rest.

1. Gauntlet Basic Appearance Color and Finger Options

BLU Gauntlet NFT Appearance Options

Glove Color

This is the color of the glove or base of the gauntlet.

Finger Color

This is the color of the fingers on the gauntlet.

Background Color

This is the color of the background to your Gauntlet NFT

Finger Style

There are 4 Finger Styles:

  • Fist
  • Peace
  • Thumbs Up
  • Middle

Trippy is rare!

These are the color swirl patterns that are much rarer than the rest.
Glove (Chill Trippy or Dank Trippy)
Fingers (Chill Trippy or Dank Trippy)
Background (Psychedelic or Purple Haze)

2. Gauntlet Properties

The basic properties for the BLU Gauntlet NFTs are the accessories and effects. These traits have the most visual representation and add layers of complexity and detail.

Gauntlet Accessory

These are super hero traits that will apply visually to your gauntlet. But most likely these will come into gameplay as a modifier to your character and match meta. Some of the accessories can be mixed with others, some are not able to be mixed. (The Veenom trait for example.)

  • Super Cape
  • Gold Watch
  • Green Watch
  • Iron God
  • Aquadude
  • Bone
  • Bloody Armour
  • Flash
  • DBZ
  • Gems
  • Rope Armour
  • Darkside Armour
  • Armour
  • Lantern Ring
  • Ring
  • Tenticles
  • Veenom
  • Hidden DBZ

Gauntlet Effect

The effects are elemental in nature. Similar to the accessories, they have a visual appearance in the NFT image. Most likely the effects will have some sort of modifier to the character animation as well as gameplay meta.

  • Lightning
  • Laser
  • Blood
  • Ember
  • Shock
  • Rocks
  • Flame
  • Water

3. Pick a weapon any weapon… or sign

You can only have on thing in your hand at a time. The same applies to the weapons and signs in gauntlet properties. Only one. They can be mixed with other Effects and Accessories.

Gauntlet Weapons

You can only have one The weapons will most likely come in to the game with close or ranged attacks.

  • Pencil Hold (the joker used it effectively in The Dark Knight)
  • Blade (Ninja assassin blade)
  • Hammer (Thor Hammer)
  • Lasso (Wonder Woman)
  • Pop (Don’t take candy from strangers)
  • Rubber Chicken (it’s terrifying)
  • Bang Gun (Good for a laugh, Joker always did)
  • Light Saber [Blue, Green and Darkside variations]
  • Gun (Standard space cowboy issue: Jericho 941)
  • Bone Hand (Use whatever you can grab, bones included)
  • Ninja (throwing shuriken star)
  • Mummy Hand (Wrapped in cloth)
  • Uzi [Deadman, Pink and Standard]

Gauntlet Signs

Currently we have no idea if the signs come into play with the game or other utility. They are unique and easy to pick out.

Gauntlet Signs:

  • Pirate Flag
  • Eth With Reality
  • Snap

4. Combos!

These are a unique mix of the other traits or properties in a set.

  • Burnin (Ember Effect + Flame Effect)
  • Colorblind (Glove + Fingers + Background are all black/white/grey)
  • Extra Bloody (Bloody Armor + Bloody Effect)
  • All of the Lights (Lightning + Shock + Laser)
  • Good Vibes (Psychedelic or Purple Haze Background with Peace Fingers)
  • Monochrome (Glove + Fingers + Background all have the same color)
  • Murder Scene (Blade Weapon + Bloody Effect)
  • Super Saber (Super Cape + Light Saber)
  • Hammertime (Hammer Weapon + Watch)
  • Slaughter (Rubber Chicken + Bloody Effect)
  • Fully Charged (Flash [Bolts] + Lightning + Shock)
  • Double Rope (Rope Armor + Rope Weapon)
  • Lost Treasure (Pirate Flag + Gems)
  • Master of the Elements (Flame, Water, Rocks & Lightning)
  • Double Birds (Rubber Chicken + Middle Finger)
  • Assassin (Ninja [Stars] Weapon + Bloody Effect)
  • Bling Bling (Watch [Green or Gold] + Gems + Ring [Yellow or Green])
  • Ocean Master (Aqua Dude + Tentacles + Water)
  • Fully Trippin (Glove [Chill Trippy or Dank Trippy] + Fingers [Chill Trippy or Dank Trippy] + Background [Psychedelic or Purple Haze])
  • Red Hero (Red Glove + Red Fingers + Red Background + Super Cape)

5. Other Unique Gauntlet Types

Naked & Pure

Naked Gauntlets are free from all other properties. They have no accessories, effects, weapons or signs. Pure have the additional requirement of matching glove and finger colors.

OG Gauntlets

These were the first 269 Gauntlets ever minted. They have been flagged and recognized as unique. Owners of OG Gauntlets gets exclusive access and info within the community.

Legendary Gauntlets

“Legendary” gauntlets are all unique and have usually do not have a standard gauntlet image at all. There are OG legendary and a new generation being updated and released monthly.

Twin Gauntlets

These were a fluke and twist of fate. There are a few ultra rare sets of matching gauntlets. These were created with the same properties as another… Both are labeled as “twin”. The legend states that when both twins are possessed by one user, a ceremonial sacrifice can be done, one of them ascends to legendary status and the other becomes the sole survivor.

OK… I think I got all the BLU Gauntlet Properties… now what?
  1. Join the discord and check out the community. They are super helpful!
  2. Get a crypto wallet like MetaMask. Make sure it’s the official one (no sketchy links!) You can add it as a mobile app or browser add-on. (ask you tube if you need help)
  3. Convert your currency to Etherium . (ask youtube if you need help)
  4. Make sure you have Eth in your wallet and go to:
  5. Find what you are interested in and check recent sales and check other ones of the same type. Check gas fees (this is the cost of the etherium network to calculate and process the transaction and transfer of the NFT asset.)
  6. Purchase the gauntlet that speaks to you. This is what you’ll use to fight your opponents. Choose wisely!
  7. Go back to the discord to show off your Gauntlet and get verified for access to member channels.