What are BLU Gauntlets

The BossLogic Universe Gauntlets are the master key for all things coming within the BLU Metaverse.

What does the term Gauntlet mean?

The Wikipedia description of a Gauntlet: Gauntlet (glove), protective gloves used as a form of armor.

In modern times the term “Gauntlet” has become a store of power and increased capability.

What are examples of modern Gauntlets?

The Marvel movies have shown a Gauntlet created by Thanos as a way of harnessing the Infinity stones.

In gaming, armor sets have included Gauntlets to increase stats for years.

Ready Player One did a great job of showing a potential use of a Gauntlet.

You only need to watch for 10 seconds to get the idea about a “power glove” that grants you abilities.

The BossLogic Universe Gauntlets are the focus of utility and primary holding of the BLU; are the weapons in the game and rewards in the greater BLU Metaverse; will grant access within WilderWorld at the Gauntlet tower; and will get you one Avatar (per Gauntlet) airdropped for free when those are ready.

Ok… There’s a lot to unpack with that… Lets expand. I’ll break down the points in relation to the story/metaverse and reality/NFT blockchain utility.

Breakdown of the BLU Gauntlets:

You can check out the master plan of the BossLogic Universe here. There’s a massive story behind the creation and use of the Gauntlets.

BLU Gauntlet concept

The BLU Gauntlets are an Etherium Blockchain NFT. They were minted in the Fall of 2021. This was the first collection of the BossLogic Universe and will be the focus for future use.

VerseU will be the fighting game released in 2023 that requires a Gauntlet and fighting player (Avatar or Immortal) in order to play. Your Gauntlet is required for access.

The Avatars will be an airdrop to all Gauntlet holders during the Summer of 2022. One Avatar per Gauntlet. The Avatar character profile NFTs will not be available to be purchased directly. Only after the airdrop can you purchase these on secondary markets. Make sure if you purchase your Gauntlet on a middle market wallet you transfer your Gauntlet to a wallet with a unique address. Community wallets held by some marketplaces can not delegate airdrops to individual users. There will be updates in the discord community closer to the Avatar airdrop.

WilderWorld will have a Gauntlet tower in their Wiami city and you will have access to different areas depending on your Gauntlet. There is more utility to be added but it’s still very early in development.

The Gauntlet collection can be purchased from several markets:

OpenSea Collection.

CoinSpot Collection

Nifty Collection

Ok… I understand what the BLU Gauntlets are… So now what am I looking for with all of these options?!?!
See my breakdown here:

Here is a breakdown of all the properties to select from /\