BLU NFT Profile Picture (PFP) Collections

With a rise in collectable and limited supply NFT’s in the market today. More and more users with a consistent digital presence are using their NFT image as their designated profile picture (PFP). Now they have a recognizable and consistent image that represents their presence online without personal exposure or being judged based on appearance.

This has actually been part of the boom of NFTs. The largest projects on the market are actually projects with images of a animal or icon representing an individual… even if its not human or organic in nature. This is the fun part; and as the collections that get the most exposure and attention run into supply and demand factors… the price to acquire one goes up.

While the BLU is not making NFTs just to be an image that represents a user on social media… They do work well for that.

The Gauntlets are more of an object and will be very easy to recognize by the gaming community; but they don’t really do the best for a personal interaction with the general digital community. There are better options for that.

The NFT profile picture collections within the BossLogic Universe are:

BLU Blox

(Released, Gauntlet Airdrop)

Ten Thousand Immortals
(Released, Limited Mint)

BLU PopHeads
(Released, Community Giveaway)

BLU Avatars
(Unreleased, Private Mint)

LGX Character BLU Avatar

Metaverse Friends:


(Released, Limited Mint)