What are the BLU PopHeads?

BLU PopHeads are a limited run of profile pictures (PFP) by BossLogic. These have been fan favorites since release.

The BossLogic Universe PopHeads are a series of striking caricature profile pictures with stylized takes on art, culture and humor. There are a LOT of designs that were created for the project. Only a select 69 of the group made it in to the Official NFT set. The main public gallery for the rest of them can be found at the link on bottom of this page.

PopHead Black Power Ranger


BossLogic Universe PopHead Info

How many PopHeads are there?

There are 69 Official BLU PopHead NFTs. However, there are over 100 designs for the project concept. You can see the growing collection of BossLogic digital artwork here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ggbvd

How rare are they?!?

All of these are 1-of-1 images, there are no two exactly alike. There will never be another duplicate. (There could always be a second batch released. They haven’t said they would, but I’m not limiting my expectations.)

So there are more designs than actual NFTs released?

Yes, There are a lot of designs in the public gallery. But BossLogic isn’t going to mint an NFT and airdrop something to the community if it isn’t worth doing. Only 69 of them made the cut and were polished and finalized to be part of the official titled set.

The PopHead Release Contest

How were the PopHeads released?

Per a community Discord announcement:

  • 5 will be given to the top 5 holders of Gauntlets (Snapshot Taken Already)
  • 10 will be distributed to the top 10 champions of the BLU (voted on by the community through a google form below)
  • 5 Randomly distributed to Immortal holders
  • 34 Randomly distributed to non OG-Legendary, Legendary, and OG Gauntlet Holders
  • 5 Randomly distributed to OG-Legendary Holders
  • 10 Randomly distributed to OG Gauntlet Holders

After ALL PopHeads have been claimed, a smart contract will be created for the free airdrop and collection profile will be added to OpenSea.

What are the limitations to make sure it’s fair?!?

A wallet address can only win 1 PopHead. The wallet address is checked with the user in the community so it’s really hard to try and claim a second one with another discord name. That’s why you have to claim your PopHead with your wallet address. By the end of the initial week people were already excited for the re-roll to see if they had gotten another chance to win.

First Re-Roll

After a week the unclaimed PopHeads were re-rolled in their respective categories. All names and wallet addresses were put in the announcement section of the community Discord. There was a full week before the first re-roll and it was clear that it would only be a 24 hour period until the final re-roll.

Final Re-Roll

24 Hours after the first re-roll the remaining unclaimed PopHeads were given to the remaining BLU Champions. Everyone that had votes were active and present within the community.

The Official BLU PopHead Collection

Where can I see the Official BossLogic Universe PopHead Collection listed?

The link for OpenSea (the largest and current established primary source as an NFT Marketplace) is here: https://opensea.io/collection/blu-popheads

Isn’t an NFT just a public image on the blockchain? What if I save it to my computer.

Yes! Absolutely. NFT’s are all publicly available to view. That’s not the point. This isn’t about keeping art from people. It’s just recognizing who the “original” is assigned to. I personally encourage people to keep a copy of whatever art or design speaks to you. Art is to be appreciated. In fact, that’s why all of the PopHead images have been processed for web and optimized specifically for you to download from this site.

You already saved web optimized copies of the PopHeads here for us to download?!?!

Yep! Right click, view image, save to local computer. Every single PopHead shown below can be downloaded quickly and easily for you to use as a profile picture or any way you would like. This is about inclusion and not exclusivity.

The full set of BLU PopHeads optimized for you to view.

Click any image below to open and download in another tab. We encourage the appreciation for art and don’t limit use.

View the complete 69 BLU PopHead collection on OpenSea:


A message from BossLogic in chat about the larger PopHead project:

Ok so the pop heads actually started many years ago, I was doing side profile pops before the nft space as my fav characters

So I wanted to do something special for you guys so a made a bunch of customs inspired by them

Here is the collection of y’all want some wallpapers