Who is BossLogic?

Bosslogic is a premier digital artist and even if you don’t recognize the name, it’s almost guaranteed you have encountered his work. Most recently he was behind a collaboration with the pop star Shakira before that the famous football player Leo Messi’s NFT collection where the signature piece sold for over 1 million USD. His work from Hollywood blockbuster movie posters means that unwittingly many have enjoyed his art. The most wide-reaching being Marvel’s avengers end game, as well as Disney’s Aladdin poster.

From self-taught drawings of his passions to a career that is still ascending to its peak Kode Abdo has made his name as BossLogic. This has finally positioned him to accomplish something he has held dear to his heart for a while now. A project that gives back to his fans and new and inventive ways. Boss has a vison, and he is putting it into action. The first step to solidify his community that is actively interested in pursuing that vison.

This was done by the Gauntlet NFT launch. The gauntlet NFT is a lifetime membership for owners represented by 1 off 10000 unique Gauntlets. These Gauntlets were purchased by his community with the understanding that outside of the digital item they represent access to future planned content.

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Now that we’ve gotten the introduction out of the way… Lets talk about video games!

Click here to see about the VerseU fighting game /\