BLU Discord AMA Project Update Q1 2022

Today was a scheduled Discord Ask Me Anything: a recap of 2021; an update for the community on the status; and progress of the BossLogic Universe looking towards the rest of 2022

Before you look into the AMA you MUST check out the BLU STATE OF THE UNION Q1 2022. If you don’t read this first you’re going to have questions that have already been covered. Do it. I’ll post the link here a second time for you. BOSSLOGIC UNIVERSE STATE OF THE UNION Q1 2022

Now that you’ve read the previous post and are up to speed with big picture questions we get into meta details and game dev and ALPHA

First off was Lineage Studios.

Greetings and reintroductions. They have BossLogic’s focus in mind and have a legacy of building expansive digital media. (I’m personally stoked about the Blizzard name-drop.)

BossLogic dropped a State of the Union yesterday which covered a lot of the big picture stuff.

Assigning roles have been addressed.

BossLogic is the artist and will be enabled. The rest of the stuff need to be delegated. This is being done. Community and media and other social engagement has been delegated to a core member: Belshebits (Doug).

BLU IP (Intellectual Property).

The story. We are bringing that into the fold. It’s a huge vision with more than “just a game.” The whole storyline incorporates music and vivid imagery. This is a big picture thing.

Tokenomics is part of it; but not the main goal. Getting the “Story” and broader BossLogic Universe is the point.

There is a “soundtrack” to this. There is an energy to this. This is so much more than a game. This is a fantasy universe being developed in real time. “You are part of the system ever-growing.”

They are building the roadmap toward the game. The game is just a part of the STORY of BossLogic Universe. We have so much more to give.

The utility of Gauntlets.

They talked about play to earn, it’s in the long term plans. Gauntlet access to the game is still a reality. With this newfound expansion it’ll be more than a game. A large and broad universe with more incorporated as its developed. Play to earn is inevitable but the story and game are the stepping stones. The GAUNTLETS are the key to all of the BossLogic Universe.

BossLogic Universe Avatars

Things have gotten specific and goal oriented. First things first is getting the structure established. This will take vision and focus. There’s a LOT going on navigating behind the scenes. The creative stuff is so critical.

“The world doc”

This crucial part of the foundation has been established going forward. They have built that (the structure, drive and focus of the BLU) and defined the first 13 characters and locations. This is the driving engine for the purpose and forward progress.

Doing things slow and correctly let’s us not look back.

The reason for the progressive build is making sure the avatars and characters in the story are aligned. They want to make sure the official assets that are released are the polished versions of the story profiles. These are important and are being done right… but with a sense of urgency.

North stars of IP

Scores of people working on the art and development of the characters. The game is being built with 2d and 3d perspective. Each 2D & 3D has a team allocated to building those aspects. (I feel like the 2d is for the game and the 3d is for metaverse interactive environments.)

The BLU characters and the Avatars linked to them

After a thorough discussion… Airdropping the Avatars will be at the release of all the info for the characters and story. It will be done when they are ready. The story telling is important and the release of the NFT collection will have value there.

Fully Polished Avatar Reveal

5 of the 13 characters and polished and finalized. After the rest are done they can do the rendering for the NFT release. Then we get a sneak peak.

Releasing the Avatars and characters of the story will be a progressive unveiling. This will build up the hype without overloading and dumping info. The plan is eventual immersion of the story within the BossLogic Universe.

We have names but we want to know the back story. So we can get attached and immersed into the system. The anticipation of every character will be part of the hype. This will be part of the build up and release.

They want to do this right and in a way where they can explore and play with new edgy concepts. If they rush a bunch of potential marketing options with screenshots then the bar will be set in a place that might not be that relevant. The game is 100% going to be a a big deal but big deals take time.

Blox Game

There will NOT be a blox game… yah. That didn’t work out. but they are working on building out the overall IP.

If they are going to do this larger BLU project right then they will need to focus on the primary game. The BLU Blox concept will also be reset and given a change to be flushed out. Community feedback will be used with a focus on creative storytelling. Details are being worked out and this is a whole other aspect that can be developed.

BLU Community Questions

What’s the plan with the Immortals?

It sounds like the Immortals will be involved in long term meta and brought into the BossLogic Universe. BossLogic himself wanted to delay the release of the Immortals to ensure it could be done with full detail.

There are things in the works and they don’t want to overpromise. The immortals are being incorporated into the bigger picture. We will know more and they will announce more in a few weeks.

Media Buzz

The concern about BossLogic on social media not spending a significant amount of time covering the BLU. Twitter is a great place to gather followers and collect an audience. With the restructuring of the organization there will be a confident push to hyping the project. This will be done will full execution and have a proper build up. If there had been a push previously… with complications in the organization… it would have looked desperate and “shill-y”.

What about a partnership with other IP and major labels?

Contracts and talks were in the works and there are opportunities… but these things take time and everyone in the space is trying to figure out the the entry point.

What about partitioning the parts of the puzzle for independent roadmaps

How is a good roadmap per each section of the BLU (and each collection) going to set expectations going forward? That is being encouraged and focused on with this organizational reset.

The immortals and avatars are being focused on with other projects and metaverse virtual worlds. WilderWorld was being focused on as a full integration. This is still ongoing but hard details can’t be promised to ensure proper expectation.


This will be a community focused character: “Liquid”

Open libraries and relevance for the utility. There is a focus on the long run and community involvement will evolve the appearance of the profile.

Gauntlet Properties and Options

The Gauntlet Properties are going to be more a visual in use. First and foremost the game must be balanced. Tournament play and esports streaming is a key entry point to the market.

There are a lot of moving parts… but that’s the good thing. There are multiple points of value being developed. The game characters (Avatars) are the primary focus for the fighting aspect. With a solid base of different fighters to choose from, it’ll give the full spread of the Avatar NFTs demand. Solid overall demand for every Avatar is a great starting point. The game must be fun. So long story short, as of now the properties are just visual in nature; and certain classes like legendary and OG having certain privileges.

How is more capital being add when needed?

There are many options that can be explored without devaluing the current assets. The focus of this would be not removing the community funds. The gameplay funds are allocated and in force. Marketing will be done with BossLogic and community.


Experience with community? Small business starter (220 employees). Speaks 3 languages. Community focused. 15 Years with accounts and project management, customer service and sales.

Previous work and initial art dev release

Art and characters have been expanded and broadened. IP is being developed and the larger story is being developed. The expanded idea is much bigger and being rebuilt. Yes there were previous designs for the Avatars; but they pale in comparison to the new renderings. This is a superior product.

BossLogic will be present in Discord more frequently