BossLogic Universe Q1 2022 Overview


Thank you for showing up to the AMA or even listening to it (pinned in đŸ’¬â”‚general-chat ) A quick overview, but not a full recap, of the AMA:

– @bosslogic has finished some key points to the world building and the overall picture of what the world will gravitate towards within the story telling.

– Avatars will be airdropped. Further developments of characters, lore, and world will be getting rolled out starting in 2-3 weeks.

– Blox mini-game will not be happening. BossLogic is working with a group that will have creative freedom with the IP. Conversations are in play and as soon as the two parties have come to an agreement, more information will be given. BossLogic will continue to promote and add support as the group moves forward with the BLOX

– @bosslogic and @Kingsletter are working with two groups, one of which is well known, to help progress the Immortals project and move it along. Giving it new life.

– VerseU is still a go

– Gauntlet utility includes access to VersU and Avatar airdrop. P2E is still on the table.

– BelsheBits is doxxed (pinned in đŸ’¬â”‚general-chat )