Ten Thousand Immortal Armor Options

Here is a breakdown of the Armor options for the Ten Thousand Immortals NFT collection.

Armored shoulders and collar with a casual vest
Blu Warrior
Vector lion shoulders with scale mail under
Velvet – Purple, Red
Sleeveless cloth tunic in purple
King – Silver, Red, Gold
broad shoulders in bars with a chevron breast and twin bars that twist behind the head like antlers
Justice – Cream, Red, Grey
A broader tunic with a wide chest and layered shoulders
Feathered – Gold, Red, Black
Scale mail in tips of feathers
Silver and Copper chest plate
Onyx metal chest and shoulders with red straps
Spider – Red, Blu
A caged rib covering with reaching arms connecting to a large toothed skull
Royal – Red
Silver and Gold plated armor with inscriptions and scales down the arms
Samurai – Red, Green, Blu

Black Light
Gold Light
Blu Battle
Blu Beast
Gold Royal
Red Light

  • Revolution
  • Blu Warrior
  • Purple Velvet
  • Silver King
  • Cream Justice
  • Gold Feathered
  • Light
  • Battle Red King
  • Red Spider
  • Red Justice
  • Red Velvet
  • Blu Spider
  • Royal
  • Grey Justice
  • Gold King
  • Red Feathered
  • Captain
  • Jester
  • Red Samurai
  • Green Samurai
  • Red Royal
  • Black Feathered
  • Freedom
  • Legacy
  • Black Light
  • Blu Samurai
  • Gold Light
  • Blu Battle
  • Punisher
  • Blu Beast
  • Gold Royal
  • Red Light