Ten Thousand Immortal Background Options

Here is a breakdown of the Armor options for the Ten Thousand Immortals NFT collection.

  • Porcelain Dark
  • Smoke
  • Concrete
  • Per Patt
  • Orn
  • Metallic
  • Broken
  • Texture Smoke

Porcelain Dark 

Black with white swirls spreading like water ripples outward 


A blurred grey background with no real texture other than the small white specks flying about 


Mostly black with grey reflective texture of flat trowel pulled for a semi gloss shine 

Per Patt 

A pattern background with mirrored symmetrical reflections like a pressed and folded cloth or snowflake 


A soft splash of light across a carved details with organic curves like stems and leaves in a deep dark blue. 


A warm ivory and grey with tan swirls spreading like water ripples outward 


I neutral grey reflactive pattern of vector shapes in offset angles for varying gradients 


Similar to Per Patt background; this has a circular pattern and mirrored look but more of a drawing or cave painting. There are strong cracks that break up sections 

Texture Smoke 

This has a blend of the Smoke and Concrete backgrounds. It has large sections of grey with some plaster looking texture mixes throughout.