Ten Thousand Immortal Weapon Options

The Immortals Weapon is mounted to their back. There are conventional weapons and items plus a few will get wings instead!

Here is a breakdown of the Weapon options for the Ten Thousand Immortals NFT collection.

Staff Gem, Blu 

Spiked metal staff w gem 

Single Persian Sword 

Single sword with curved wooden handle 

PomegranateGold, Blu 

Staff w pomegranate 

Flame Staff – Standard, Blu 

Wooden staff with flame 

Core Sword 

2 handed broad sword 


Large wooden handle wrapped in leather with gold counterweight 


Full quiver of arrows 

Sword – Single, Double, Blu 

Metal sword(s) with a gem where blade meets the handle 

Twin Persian Swords 

Two gold swords with fine inlaid detail 

Wing – Steel, Gold 

Big wings 

Gold Staff 

Gold mage staff with orbiting ring 

Power Staff 

Metal mage staff with orbiting Blu gems 

Ten Thousand Immortals Weapon Descriptions:

Gem Staff 

Wooden staff with single floating red gem and diamond ending in a long spearhead. This arrangement seems to defy the laws of physics 

Single Persian Sword 

Single sword mounted to the back with a curved wooden handle 

Pomegranate Gold 

Metal staff with a silver knot connecting a gold pomegranate at the very top. 

Flame Staff 

Long wooden staff with a small fire burning at the end. 

Core Sword 

A gold double handed broadsword. You can tell this thing has some weight to it.  


A long handle with a slight curve. It’s wooden and wrapped in leather with a large gold round counterbalance.  

Double Sword 

Two metal swords. Gold accents with black wrapped handles and a large red gem where the handle meets the blade. 


A filled quiver of arrows rests on your back 

Single Sword 

Single metal sword. Gold accents with black wrapped handle and a large red gem where the handle meets the blade. 

Twin Persian Swords 

Two gold swords mounted to the back w inscribed details on the hilt and scabbard. These have a squared shape on the handle rather than the usual oval 

Steel Wing 

Silver wings on the back instead of a traditional weapon 

Gold Wing 

Gold wings on the back instead of a traditional weapon 

Flame Blu 

Long wooden staff with a small BLU fire burning at the end. 

Gold Staff 

This is a long metal rod staff with some flanges towards the end. There a gold ring that orbits the core of the staff towards the tipped point.  


This is a variant of the Single Sword but instead of Gold with Red it’s a silver with Blu. 

Power Staff 

This is a metal rod ending in a blu rounded tip with gems that float around the tip. Very ethereal and classic mage 

Blu Staff 

This is a variation of the Gem Staff but there are additional details that make this trais striking and unique 

Pomegranate Blu 

Metal staff with a silver knot connecting a silver pomegranate at the very top. The stem of the pomegranate looks to be a blue gem.