Melody: BLU Character/Avatar/Fighter

There was the first announcement for Melody in Discord; which gave us the species and shape of the character as well as a part of the backstory and a few form variations.

You can see that we already know:

Melody is human in body type. Same with LGX. They are both “Frequency”. We don’t know if this means that all humans are “frequency” or if this is something else.

In previous images of LGX it appears that he also has modifications to his limbs. We do not know if there is a connection between experiments or not.

BLU Avatar Melody

On the right hand side of the image we can see 3 additional stances and arm shapes. These could be applied to Avatar NFT variations… this could be involved with fighting styles and forms or this could just show the different ways her arms can be used in battle. Too soon to know for sure.