Boss Logic Universe (BLU) AMA 12/15/2021

Below is the youtube recording of the ask me anything for the BLU community, Gauntlet NFT collection, VerseU Fightin Game and other collections.

in Summary: Boss Logic is back. He’s putting sidework on hold for 6 months and focusing on himself and this project alone. (Probably some fun stuff but no clients.)
The gaming studio has been working on the game this whole time but the tokenomics aspect was put on pause because the generate/earn mechanics need to be done right on the way in.
The avatars should be released in January after traits are updated and the primary NPC characters are introduced. This way we understand them individually and the variations are special.

The immortals are actually individual parts of one immortal god? There is a primary form of “the immortal” that will be able to be used in the VerseU fighting game. This will be flushed out but we can confirm that your immortal NFT will be able to be used as a player character in VerseU.
The blox game is still in the works.
There was an audit of finances and storage of funds and allocation of assets.


EVERYTHING I’VE TRIED TO FIGURE OUT ABOUT ACCESSORIES AND EFFECTS IS PROBABLY WRONG. (I’m laughing.) It makes sense. There are SOOO many variables that they haven’t even started with combat options. They are just trying to make a combat game that isn’t broke.
With so many subtle differences in traits it’s going to be very easy to break the game. Boss Logic is very aware of the trouble with normalizing players in tournaments. This has to be resolved first before we can have fun with the meta.

Go ahead and listen to the AMA to fill in the blanks! I’ll update this more when I can.