December BLU Gauntlet Upgrade Raffle

The December 2021 Raffle for the Gauntlet upgrade was announced:

We hope everyone had an amazing holiday with your family and friends. It’s that time of month again, for the Legendary Gauntlet Raffle! The rules to be eligible for this raffle is as follows: Own a Gauntlet. Each gauntlet is an entry. The winner must reach out to @Nonfungiblecla within 24 hours. If you have it listed, you have 24 hours to inform them of the one you want to burn or delist the winning gauntlet to be burned. If within 24 hours the individual does not reach out to @Nonfungiblecla , we will then re-raffle for the Legendary Gauntlet. This Legendary 1/1 Gauntlet will be hand chosen by @bosslogic himself. We will be doing the raffle on 12/29 at 9pm US EST If the Winner does not DM @Nonfungiblecla by 12/30 at 9pm US EST, we will re-raffle and announce winner at 10pm US EST. 24 hours after we have a verified winner, The BLU will announce which Legendary @bosslogic has chosen himself to be the 1/1 Legendary prize. Good Luck!

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